Books Recommended for Pyrography

Cheryl Dow
$13.95....Wood Burning with Cheryl Dow
$13.95....Wood Burning with Cheryl Dow 11
$13.95....Wood Burning with Cheryl Dow 111
$13.95....Wood Burning Quilt Patterns
$22.00....Wood Burning with Cheryl Dow V
These are the prices on her web page.
Can also be purchased through:
The Woodcraft Shop Telephone 1-(800)-397-2278
Belcher Carving Supply, LLC does not have them listed in
new book......links below

Sharon Bechtold
$18.00....Gnome Homes, Faerie Houses and
Other Fanciful Abodes
$22.00....Woodburning with Sharon Bechtold- Workbook 1
$22.00....Woodburning with Sharon Bechtold- Workbook 2
$18.00....Birds of Prey
$18.00....Woodburning a Sparrow.... Video
These are the prices on her webpage.
They also be found at Belcher Carving Supply, LLC
and The Woodcraft Shop ....links below.

Sue Walters
Special Note: Sue Lives in Australia....You will have to pay international transaction fees to purchase from her web page.
But you will find some things on this site that you cannot
get from our regular suppliers.
$19.95....Pyrography Workbook
$14.95....WildLife Designs
These books can also be purchased through
Belcher Carving Supply, LLC
and The Woodcraft Shop....links below.

Lora Irish
$22.95....Great Book of Woodburing
This book is also carried by Belcher Carving Supply LLC
and The Woodcraft Shop. links below

Wood Burning Units:
Cheryl Dow (Dealer)
$162.00.... Optima 1 with dual (with two burning pens)
Includes round healed skew and bent spear point
shader with shipping and handling.

Sharon Bechtold
$89.00....Optima Single Burning Unit
$113.00....Optima Dual Burning Unit
$20.00 Ea....Individual Burning Pens

Nibs Burners
The tips are also more expensive (Fixed Tip
Handpiece $25.95 and tips to be added $8.00 to $9.50 Ea.)
You need to specify tip you want placed in the fixed tip

Wood Sources:

The Woodcraft Shop....Italian Popular plywood

Basswood....Heinecke Wood Products

Nicholas Woodcarving Supplies

Tracing Paper (Saral Transfer Paper Rolls)
......Nicholas Woodcarving Supplies

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