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The mission of the River Valley Wood Carvers' Club is to promote, teach and practice the art of wood carving and wood burning. Club membership is open to anyone interested in wood carving or wood burning. Founded in 1999, our club covers the areas of southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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Feeling Patriotic!

Carvings by Dick Middleton and Ferd Kruetzkamp
JUNE Carvings & Burnings

Gnome-Bill Bezold
Covered Bridge - Bruce Smith and Clown - Dick Pyless
Rabbit/Duck? - Charlie Brown
Chip Carvings and Love Spoon - Sandee Sansfacon
Pepe and Times Gone By - Mike Shelton

RVWC and Eastgate Carvers member
Bill Wright
put together a class with nationally known
Carole Jean Boyd

2016 March - Muncie Raintree Show
March 19 Bob.jpg
Thank you to Jim Cable - Photographer/exhibitor

Meetings are: 1st & 3rd Mondays of Month
Carve-Ins: 4th Saturdays 10-3
Yearly Dues: $12 Individual/$18 Family

JUNE Members Birthdays
14 - Ferd Kruetzkamp
24 - Mike Shelton
26 - Cliff Reeder (95 this year!)
JULY Members Birthdays
7 - Bill Wright
10 - Rob Witzke
14 - Pat Scott
23 - Joyce Shelton
23 - Suzanne Millay
25 - Nancy Chadwick
Happy Birthday

6 / 25 Carve-In 10 - 3
7/4 Happy 4th of July
7 / 18 Carving Meet 6 - 9
Business Meeting & Knife drawing
7 / 23 Carve-In 10 - 3
9-3/4 Dayton Carvers Guild-Artistry in Wood
Roberts Centre near Wilmington, Ohio
For More information: CLICK HERE
10/1/2016 River Valley Wood Carvers
Annual Wood Carving Show 10-4
Scheben Library - FREE
For more Information
Click HERE for Club Calendar

March 26th
Ornaments for Kids Carve-IN

Present were Rick Eskins from WV
Alan Woods nearby WV
Larry Hibbs from the Falls City Wood Carvers (Louisville)
and several RVWC membes. It was a great group working towards a fine goal: Ornaments for Kids!

Works in progress
Carving Clubs / Instructors

Beginner Carving Video by Don Daily
This is a beginner carving project by Don Daily. In it he explains the different beginning cuts and how to achieve them. Then he carves a letter opener project using all the cuts he went over. CLICK HERE

The RVWC wood carved sculpture is right at home next to the altar at Taylor Mill United Methodist Church.


The goal is to provide PRESENTATION CANES
to a select group of Post 9-11 Veterans
who have received some manner of leg disability
from combat related actions. If interested in helping to carve
or learning more
Click Here

Home of RVWC
Taylor Mill United Methodist Church

5160 Taylor Mill Rd.
Taylor Mill, KY
1st and 3rd Mondays 6-9
Carve-Ins 4th Saturday 10-3
Beginners to Advanced
Contact us Here if you would like to Visit
or want more information