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The mission of the River Valley Wood Carvers' Club is to promote, teach and practice the art of wood carving and wood burning. Club membership is open to anyone interested in wood carving or wood burning. Founded in 1999, our club covers the areas of southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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Pat Scott Interview
from the 2015 All Star Game
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Peg Cawthorn
Woodburning Class

Back: Jim Cable, Charlie Brown, Barry Pennington,
Bob Manning, Donna Waller
Front: Kathie Cable, Veronica Olsen, C.G. Uebel, and
Gwen Provens.

RVWC Fair Updates:
Kentucky State Fair Results:
Don't have detailed categories,
just ribbon counts on most
Barry Pennington - 3 blue ribbons
Mike Shelton - 1-2nd place in sculpture
1-Honorable Mention
Dick Middleton - 2-2nd place
2-3rd place
1-Honorable Mention
Sandee did not get a ribbon on her first entry
but got a place of honor on top!
Thinking positively
(event photos will have carving and ribbon pics)

Ohio State Fair
Congratulations to Bob Manning
who brought a couple of his cowboys for the competition.
He came away with a 1st and 3rd place ribbon.

Boone County Fair, Kentucky
The results are:

Wood Carving:
1st : Mary Lou Brennen
2nd: Sandee Sansfacon
3rd: Mike Shelton
Wood Carving/Novelty:

1st: Troy Baker
2nd: Rex Sansfacon
3rd: Sandee Sansfacon

Found Wood

1st: Paul Miller

2nd: Mike Shelton
Congratulations to All!

Kentucky State Results will be posted ASAP.

Bob Manning Cowboy Class

Dick Middleton, Sandee Sansfacon,
Mike Shelton, Ferd Kruetzkamp, Dick Pyles
Thank you Bob

Joe Caminiti Bark Carving Class

Dick Middleton, Mike Shelton, Bob Manning
Ferd Kruetzkamp, Charlie Brown
Thank you Joe

Walking Sticks are Coming Out

"Tiki" Themed..........Wood Spirit
by Charlie Brown.......................by Bob Manning

Bill Wright
Small Bird on Leaf Class

Thank you Bill.
October 20, 2014
RVWC Lifetime Member
Cliff Reeder

Meet the New
2014 Mitch Newman Winner
Congratulations Suzanne Millay

August Newsletter is ready

August Member Birthdays
8/1 - Bob Zeiser
8/9 - John Dotson
Brandyn Schaffner
8/26 - Dick Pyles

9/7 Club Meeting 6 - 9
9/12 Mike Shelton Power Carving Class 10-3
Bring power tools and a mask
9/21 Club Meeting 6 - 9
9/26 CARVE-IN 10-3
For more Information
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Can you can guess who's Hands these are.....
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Member Projects

Cliff Reeder
was honored by Krogers in Independence, KY
His picture will join other veterans who have served
in all branches of the Military.
Cliff had several people that stopped by to say Thank You for his service.
Presenting a cane, he made to represent all branches of the military, to Dianna Combs the caretaker of the Kroger Project


The goal is to provide PRESENTATION CANES
to a select group of Post 9-11 Veterans
who have received some manner of leg disability
from combat related actions. If interested in helping to carve
or learning more
Click Here

Home of RVWC
Taylor Mill United Methodist Church

5160 Taylor Mill Rd.
Taylor Mill, KY
1st and 3rd Mondays 6-9
Carve-Ins 4th Saturday 10-3
Beginners to Advanced
Contact us Here if you would like to Visit
or want more information